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We improve pain and defects with
 Qigong, Manual technique, and
 Treatment with Visible 
 Synthetic Light.


☆Recommended for those with the
 following symptoms.
  Low back pain,50 Shoulders,
  Knee pain. Fracture (Those who
  want to speed up recovery
  from fractures), sprain.
  Muscle damage caused by sports.
  Cervical spine to back pain 
  from a traffic accident.
  Insomnia, Anxiety, Frustration
  and so on.

  Treatment fee: 
           4,000yen/1 treatment

☆Remote Qigong
  3 times for 30 minutes each
  time (once a day).
  Arrange a sending time in 

 Treatment fee:
   2000yen x 3times = 
     6000yen (advance payment)
   The minimum number of 
   sessions is 3 and can be 
   increased upon request. 
Location :
  1Chome 60 Banchi 
   Wachigawara Miyazaki

Business : 
    Monday to Saturday 
        10:00 ~ 19:00

Please make a reservation
 in advance.

Cellular phone number: 


May you be healthy 

                    and happy ❕